Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DetroiT: Energy Efficient vs. SUV's (continued)- updated 4-1-09

Updated 4-1-09 about GM and the streetcars at end...

OK. Wired asks a valid question:

Why is it there are Clean Cars Aplenty Outside U.S. but only 2 available in USA?

Automakers are producing more than 100 fuel-efficient vehicles, but you can't buy them in the U.S.

A study by the Civil Society Institute and 40MPG.org says there are now 113 vehicles rated at 40 mpg or higher available internationally, but just two (the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid) here.

Oooh... This is MY blog, so I get to pontificate...

Reasons we don't have better fuel(ed) cars in the USA

  1. Detroit Lobbies and pays the Senate/House HUGE campaign contributions, therefore no increase in the CAFE fuel stands in 25 years
  2. The OIL industry has also lobbied the Senate/House, witness the TERRIBLE (I don't own oil stock- so it IS terrible for me) profits of EXXON/MOBIL this year..
  3. Assholes Idiots who claim that global warming isn't real.
  4. Assholes Idiots who think that CORN based ETHANOL is the way to go in this country.
  5. Supid-*ss Presidents who think that 500 Billion dollarsspent on a WAR is money well spent.
  6. Our congress has never looked into the concept of alternative sources of energy, such as solar, wind, THERMAL, (and SUN based "free") energies.
  7. Our COLLECTIVE stupid-ness at using SUV's to go to get a gallon of milk
ANd my Number one reason why we have problems???

THE Car companies themselves..

Until the 1940's there were local trollies/light rail companies in MOST towns in this country.
UNTIL GM and a consortium of the BIG oil companies CONSPIRED to put them all out of business, so that GM could SELL BUSSes to replace them...

This is the reason we have NO mass transit left in this country. IT is the BIGGEST SCANDAL of the 20th century.

And a subject of a FUTURE post (anyone care to research?)

4-1-09 update (has it really been three years???(As usual I answer myself...)

See HERE for a post in my OThER blog regarding Detroit, the decline thereof, and the great streetcar scandal here

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ank said...

Agreed man. I drive a 1st gen civic hybrid - i avg around 46.

Most of my friends think 25 is good enough. WTH?

Its not even in the same range!