Thursday, November 02, 2006

DIEBold does Press (Debbie Does Dallas anyone?)

Oh yes

DieBOLD Does Dem Dirty Deeds


The Register tells us, "Diebold slams HBO Hacking Democracy documentary"

The reg continues:
It seems to be common practice for machines to record votes for Democrats as Republican while machines have also been hacked under tested conditions. Diebold has always maintained its machines are tested and secure.

As a matter of fact, I heard that a voting rights (computer) expert went into a panel, and hacked a diebold voting machine within five minutes two weeks ago.

I'm SCARED mommy.

The President ALREADY Uses TORTURE
The President ALREADY has the right to take away ALL of our freedoms by using ONE word (hint... the word is Te**orist)
The President ALREADY Lies, and DENIES

Is this how we're all gonna lose OUR COUNTRY?


Onyx said...

Don't work yourself to death!! Hey, did you happen to see the FOX Sunday night lineup last night? Very anti-Rep. I had to give them kudos for the end of the Simpsons.

Markbnj said...

MY New TAG LINE (And in HUGE letters on back of my van tonight as I go to work)