Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bush and Peace (send Nancy Pelosi to Iran/Terhan--NOW)!

OK. Let's brainstorm a moment.

Lets PRETEND that "43" has a REAL brain.

Let's pretend that he knows that his days as "dictator" are over.

Let's say that he actually CARES about his future reputation and would like to have ONE positive contribution to his legacy.

What if.... (and it's a HUGE if) the President (having realized that all of his policies have FAILED)
decides that his CURRENT IRAN policy has also failed.

What if... He decides that he can take advantage of the democratic victory, by sending the HEAD of the US opposition (NANCY Pelosi), to Terhan, as an ambassador to negotiate/achieve a peace.

Hey. Don't laugh so hard.

It IS conceivable that Bush might actually now have a slight grasp on reality.
If he does, and he cares about his legacy, he might realize that his so called "Iran" policy has also failed.

And if he did, Nancy might get the best possible results.
REMEMBER--The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Bush is the Enemy of Iran. Pelosi is (now?) the enemy of Bush.
With any luck the enemy of Bush will become the friend of Iran, and
attempt to convince them to join the NON-Nuclear club!

However far fetched, it might actually happen

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