Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ahem. Ahem. Good Morning Mr. President.

and... the silent blogger now working 14hr nights (only 4days/week) says...

Good Morning Starshine. The Earth says Hello.

Or so I seem to recall Johnny Depp saying in the remake of Willy Wonka...

Good Morning Mr. President. Welcome to the EARTH, it is MUCH hotter then the planet Mars that you've been living on for the past six years.

GoodBye Mr. Rumsfeld. We WON't Miss you. We WONT miss the TORTURE=TREASON policies that you imposed at Mr. Cheney's request.

HELLO Impeachment. Wait. Hello Mr. Cheney's resignation too. THEN hello Impeachment.

Guess what? There has never been a DOUBLE impeachment in our country before.

Ah. And it looks like it is 26 seat majority in House (hee-hee) and 50-50 in the senate, unless the Virginia race gets "screwed" like the 2000, and 2004 elections were engineered in Florida and Ohio

And . Your legacy is ready for your living hell, Mr. second youngest president ever. May you have the next 35 years of your retirement to grimmace every time a US soldier comes home in a body bag from IRAQ.

Oh and, yeah. The Iraq study commision will have its recommendations ready monday, and they will say (as I said all along), "500,000 soldiers in iraq to control every streetcorner, and a new "george Bush" (memorial) draft for all 18-22year olds.

Ta ta till weekend!

Markie Mark

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