Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NoT HumoR: In Memoriam Twoey

OK. Memorial number two for this year. (# 1 was here)

My newfound Friend HERE. Explains this Picture: by saying:
The Body (and apartment building) aren't even cold yet, and people are already sending me gallows humor about Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle smacking his plane into an apartment building:

Yes fans, today's plane crash was NOT a terrorist incident, but a TERROR incident, in which one flight instructor, and one student pilot with over 75hrs flight experience (and the owner of the $187,000 plane too) CRASHED when SOMETHING happened to the plane over the EAST River.

It COULD have been worse (and also a terrorist incident if it had happened 42 blocks south, at the UN, which he likely passed (at that speed) about 20 seconds before CRASHING!

Some possible ideas on comments on this are:
  • The FAA and Major League Baseball are scoring this an E1.
  • Cory Lidle ends the season with a one-hitter.
    • Better then the YANKEES ending record (ooh, low blow!)
  • Plunk!
  • LaGuardia Air Traffic Control is being charged with a blown save.
  • Joe Torre has already called Triple-A Columbus and asked them to start having prospects smash hang gliders into grain elevators.
  • The Thurman Munson Flight School is refusing requests for interviews.
  • The flight instructor must have been at the controls, because since when has an American League pitcher ever hit for himself?
  • George Steinbrenner is looking for the receipt and calling David Montgomery for a refund.
  • CNN is refusing to air video of celebrating Palestinians, but will broadcast celebrating Red Sox fans.
  • Hit By Pitcher (two men on)

* (post title: Twoey: Pet name of the Alien blood eating plant in "Little shop of horrors") Derived from Audrey Two (Audrey one was the hot blonde he worked with).

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