Wednesday, October 11, 2006

HumoR: A Teenage Boy's Dream come true

Okay. Before all you (perhaps the .05) women reading my blog complain, let me remind you of the following.

Girls grow older, and become women
Boys grow older, and remain, for the most part BOYS,
usually with parts that get large and hard for extended periods of

Now. There is a point to all this, namely that there is NO Boy in the WORLD, that wouldn't give his "A-hem" to get it on with a hot looking teacher. So some of the recent cases on FEMALE on teenaged male Statuatory rape is just that, statuatory.

Now, what did I find? I found, an interesting LONG research article on a lovely teacher with a 24 yr history in Bayonne, NJ, that several times had trysts with her students. ALL I can Say is
I can't really say she is evil. She has a predisposition to younger kids, and even married one of them after he graduated High School.

All I can say, is that this is AMAZING, and we really DO live in a REALLY sick society.
The PROBLEM HERE is that we are products of our ENVIRONMENT, and to me that means TELEVISION, MOVIES, and the wanton disregard for body, space, person, and even (sometimes) intimacy.

A History of Sex With Students, Unchallenged - New York Times

Amazing... And (sigh)

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Anonymous said...

lol!!! Yea, Boys remain boys 4ever!