Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DemocracY: More REASON to eliminate Republicians

Or more Accurately, Remove the republician's MAJORITY in CONGRESS

OK. So http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/10/03/foley.scandal/

News for the brain impaired take one:
  1. Rep. Mark Foley (R, Fl.) had a problem. He liked to send (extremely explicit) Email and instant messages (IM's) to congressional pages (A page is usually a High School student, staying in the capitol, attending HS as well as working on "the Hill").

  2. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Representative Foley was a repeat offender, and his doting over congressional pages earned him a label as an eccentric to avoid.
    1. After one youth complained about "sick" e-mails from Foley, Foley was privately warned by House overseers of the page system to knock it off. It's obvious he didn't get the message.Foley was indulged and tolerated by Republican Leaders in the House:

      1. Foley headed a House caucus on missing and exploited children*

      2. There was never a serious inquiry into his curious conduct, and to underline the partisan backdrop, Democrats on the ethics review panels were kept uninformed about the allegations against Republican Foley.

        1. AT LEAST Three other Representatives {=1=John Boehner (R-Ohio), =2=the House majority leader, and =3= Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R-N.Y.), the head of the GOP party's congressional campaign committee}, have said that they knew for months about the House leader {Hastert's} emails to {Foley} talking about {Foley}'s e-mails with a 16-year-old boy from Louisiana.
          1. Reynolds said he told Hastert about the e-mails, which evidently were not sexually explicit.

            1. Foley told the clerk of the House and GOP Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois, the head of a House board that oversees the page program, the communiques were innocent.

            1. The boy's parents didn't want to pursue the matter.

          2. House Republicans said they didn't know about the predatory and utterly indefensible messages that surfaced last week.

      3. What seems most damaging: What Republican leaders did know months ago was serious enough for them to demand that Foley cease contact with a page. But the leaders then let the matter drop and never notified the Democratic member of the House Page Board about the matter.

      4. Hastert's request that the Department of Justice probe these events falls dismally short of adequate. House leader Dennis Hastert can, and should, conduct his own investigation of what House leaders knew about Foley and how they responded. It ought to take less than a day. Pull your leadership team into a room, Mr. Speaker, and don't let anyone leave until you know how House officials--elected and staff--who are responsible for the welfare of pages did, or didn't, respond.
      then give the public much more detail than you have so far.

=============The news analyzed according to MARK==================
  1. OK. So a (R) member of the House of reps, has BIG ethical lapses, and sends emails, and then IM's to a 16 year old mail (house) page.

  2. The person (representative) who sponsored the page (from Lousiana) told HIS supervisor (and I will NOT question this term here, House speaker Dennis Hastert, that the rep was sending in-appropriate messages to the page from his district.

  3. At least two OTHER elected officials of our government have confirmed that they knew that the SPEAKER of the HOUSE had sent messages to the representative in question, telling {Foley} to lay off these contacts.

  4. The Speaker of the house did NOT give this information to ALL the members of the board that covers the operation of the Page program. He ONLY gave that info to the REPUBLICAN members of the board.

  5. Was the SPEAKER creating a COVER UP? Smells like one. Looks like a cover up, MAY be a cover up.

What can we do? VOTE DEMOCRATIC this fall. FOR EVERY ELECTION. DO NOT allow the republicians to CONTINUE to MISuse their POWER!

* His having been given leadership of the house committed on missing and EXPLOITED children is in itself, a shameful act, if not technically a chrime.

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