Sunday, September 10, 2006

MidEast: BS METER: Only One side wants Peace

OK. NPR did it again.

Debbie Elliot (Weekend All things considered) had an interview with two novelists
one from Lebanon, one from Israel. (see HERE )

It is SO SO Frustrating. Listen to the 15 minute interview with them.

The Israeli says we want recognition, We want peace
The Lebanese (arab- catholic) says We want A PIECE.


Here's a simple test.
Ask someone what happened in 1948, most people will say the state of Israel was established
Arabs insist on calling this, instead of independence, "the Nakba, or "Catastrophe."

Does THIS sound like a PEOPLE READY to accept the COUNTRY currently occupying the land they once SQUATTED ON?


We Want Peace.
We want our brothers to ACCEPT the RIGHT of ISRAEL to EXIST.

We WANT our BROTHERS to ACCEPT THE UN's 1948 resolution establishing Two STATEs in the area the British left, ONE JEWISH, ONE arab/palestinian.

WHEN THIS HAPPENS we can have peace.

AND I don't MEAN a Piece of the beach.


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