Thursday, September 28, 2006

Freedom: Censorship in Action

Dr. Peter Rost: What else do they keep from us?

Very Simple.Look at this.

I say we are NO LONGER living in a democracy. And this is proof.

Vote next month. And if you want a DEMOCRACY to remain in our country, VOTE DEMOCRATIC, so that Mr. Bush, (WCT2008 *) CANNOT get away with the removal of our rights as a citizen!!!

If you VOTE Democratic (even if you aren't one) You ENSURE that our country will survive.

IF you relect ANY republician, you may damage this country MORE then you would believe.

(* predicted WCT2008: War Crimes Tribunal 2008 defendant)

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Markbnj said...

BTW (mark here...)

I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED by the lack of ethics that this cover shows.
TO me this means that newsweek (owned by the Washington Post) has
totally given in to the REPUBLICIAN PARTY and can NO longer be trusted