Friday, July 18, 2008

RanDom: Sick of Kids.

Old post from 8-16-06... Same sentiments, different year.

Ok. Everyone with kids. Keep reading. Those who have chosen not to have children, feel free to move past this post.

ME: how was your day?
Kid: UGH.
ME: Do you want a snack before you start your HW?
Kid: NOO. I wannna Watch TEEVEE.
ME: NOO. What do we do Every day after school bus brings you home? Snack and 15 min break, then HOMEWORK, then play or computer. Never TV before HW
ME: Oh well, tell me when you're calm again, and we'll talk then...
Kid: F#$#(*$(*&#$(*&#$#(*&#$(*&$#
ME: 5 minute time out for language. Are you leaving or am I?
Kid: Curse, curse, curse
ME: OK, I'm leaving... see you in 10 minutes
Kid: 10 Minutes, 5 minutes for a time out.
ME: Yes, but you cursed twice, see you when you're calm.

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