Friday, July 21, 2006

MidEasT: Israel/Lebanon & Gaza

Excuse me.

Poor Lebanon.

in MY HUMBLE opinion, The MEDIA is DEFINITELY overplaying and over-covering the situation in Lebanon.

Poor Lebanon.

They have a new political party that won't put down their armed struggle.

Take pity on Hizbollah:

  • They use Mosques to store weapons
  • They use Buildings with Day care Centers to launch Rockets from
  • They intermingle with the common citizens next door to them.
  • They Are SUPPORTED by the common citizens that support them because Hizbollah supplies food,shelter and medicine.

Look here and before you start to blame Israel, LOOK to IRAQ, and
note that some of these EXACT same identifiers ARE and WILL become standard in OUR undeclared WAR Against IRAQ.

World War THREE has been started. "We didn't start the fire". It was started by the kidnapping of two Israelis by Hizbollah.

Why does the world think that a military power that BOMBS the locations where Hizbollah has launched rockets from is being "TOO CRUEL" to the CIVILIANS?

Gee. IF THE ENEMY WASN't UNethical and DIDNT locate their weapons stashes in HOUSES of worship, and above day care centers, WE wouldn't HAVE to kill INNOCENT civilians and CHILDREN

Think PEOPLE.... THIS IS all hyper-crappy propoganda from the foreign press


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