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MideasT: Dispatchs from the Front...

I've said it before, and will say it again.

It's time for us to start to TELL people we don't want the 1967 borders, but the 1948 UN two state solution that the ARABS declined in 1948.

Daniel Gordis's blog (dispatches from an anxious state) says:
(and I'm liberally snipping here, read the original for yourself above. Presume it's been snipped, and all emphasis added by ME!)
This is a different kind of war, and an old kind of war....snip...
Israelis understand what this is. This is a war over our homes. Over our homes in the north, for now, but eventually, as the rockets get better and larger, all of our homes.
This is not about the territories. This is not about the “occupation.” This is not about creating a Palestinian State. This is about whether there will be a state called Israel. Sixty years after Arab nations greeted the UN resolution on November 29 1947 with a declaration of war, nothing much has changed. They attacked this time for the same reason that they did sixty years ago.
Then it was the Palestinians, who bamboozled the world (and many of us Israelis) into believing that they just wanted a State, and that their terror was simply a way of forcing us to make one possible. (snip)
We withdrew from Gaza, despite all the internal objections, hoping to move Palestinian statehood – and peace – one step closer. But all we got in return was the election of Hamas, and a barrage of more than 800 Qassams that they refused to end. And then they stole Gilad Shalit. Not from Gaza. Not from some contested no man’s land. From inside the internationally recognized borders of Israel. As if to make sure that we got the point – "There is no place that you’re safe. There is no place to which we won’t take this war.You can’t stay here."
Because as much as we have wanted to believe otherwise, they have no interest in building their homeland. They only care about destroying ours.
It explains why all over this city, advertisements on bus stops have been replaced with a photo of an Israeli flag and the phrase Chazak Ve-ematz – “be strong and resolute” (Moses’ words to Joshua in Deut. 31:7).
(...snip...there is )a wondering if it will ever, ever end. Because we know what they want. It’s not the Golan Heights. It’s not the West Bank. And it’s not a State. We know what they want, and we know why they want it.

Is this like the first war, because we could win it and still not have security?
What if, ...snip... the army says is likely, Hezbollah is left wounded but still intact at the end?
(...snip...we) just wait until they decide to lob more missiles at Haifa, or Safed, or even Tel Aviv? Bomb shelters will once again be part of the reality of Israeli kids? Have we returned to the late 40’s and 1950’s, when border towns had to live with the ongoing dread that Fedayeen would sneak across the border and kill people? Except that now, in an era of missiles, most of the country is a border town.
This is like the first war because Israeli citizens, in the middle of the country, are getting killed by a foreign “army.” In 1956, 1967 and even in 1973, we mostly took the war to the border. And then to their territory.
But not in 1948, and not this time. Haifa is the front. Safed is the front. Nazarath is the front. And they’re all burying people. Adults, and children. Jews, and Israeli Arabs. And Tel Aviv, if you believe Nasrallah, may well be next.
And it’s like the old wars because all our hopes to the contrary notwithstanding, the casualties are mounting.
These are elite units, and though we’re told that they’re having some successes in finding and destroying the bunkers built into the mountain, they’re encountering heavy resistance.
And it’s like the first war(1948) because the news is broadcasting photos of lines of Arab refugees fleeing the fighting in Beirut, heading north, or to Syria. Israeli TV is showing footage of a former city that looks much more like Dresden than Beirut. ...snip...we probably have no choice, for Hezbollah has decided to use Beirut as its human shield, and for years and years, Lebanon did nothing to stop them. Or even to try. And we have no choice but to survive.
Simply on a human level, we know that the suffering is incalculable. That, too, looks like that old black and white footage from the War of Independence. And as a problem for Israel, we know, Arab refugees don’t disappear. They attack, we respond, they flee. And then the problem becomes ours.
And so it goes. Another all out war, when it could have been different. If they’d wanted something else. But they don’t. Not the Iranians, not the civilians in Syria interviewed on CNN who spoke with admiration of Nasrallah, not the Palestinians on the West Bank who’ve posted his picture everywhere, and not even the Israeli Arabs in Nazareth who, from the depths of their mourning, blame Israel and not Nasrallah for the loss of their children.
It’s the seventh war, or the eighth. And the first.
It’s the eighth war, or the ninth. But it isn’t the last war. It’s the first war, all over again. We’ve got this war for the same reason that we had all the others. ...snip...We got this war for the same reason that we got the first, and the second.
We know why they attacked then. And we know why they’re still attacking. And we’re determined to hold on for the same reason that they’re so determined never to stop. There’s one reason, and one reason only:

The Jewish People has no where else to go.
Except (markb again) as Arab propaganda from the 1950's shows, INTO the SEA!
In the words of the late (member of Israeli parliment)Rabbi Meir Kahane (assisinated by an arab "vision" of things to come" in Brooklyn), NEVER AGAIN!

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