Thursday, July 27, 2006

IronY: Cell Phone Blues

It Never Rains, it POURS!

In brief: Son takes contraband to school, Cell phone is confiscated.

Here's the story :

My cell phone has been getting ready to bite the dust for about 3-4 weeks now.
The antenna finally came off, and totally died on Sunday.
Son took the telephone to our den, and was playing with the ringtones in front of the TV. We didn't stop him, because the CELL phone is UNUSABLE!... no transmit or receive or even SMS messages.

For some reason, dear offspring thought that he didn't have to ASK us for PERMISSION to take the (broken for receiving calls, but still playing ringtones) cellphone with him to school.

We had a very involved discussion over dinner Monday night, that we considered it as stealing, since he did NOT ask for permission to borrow it in advance.

At anyrate, believe it or not, I need the phone back, so that I can order a replacement. According to the brains that run the cell company, I cannot sign in to the web to get a replacement phone without the code that they send ONLY to the cell phone itself.

--> This leads to the question that I asked the Customer Service REP (CSR). Excuse me? the Phone is BROKEN, and that's why I want to order a NEW one???
CSR says, Oh, that's no problem. Take the SIM chip out of the phone and put it in another phone, and then request the number to be resent.

OH. That's so easy, and so LOGICAL I said.

==-->> ** so THIS is why I am requesting the phone be returned to me TOMORROW. THIS way I might actually get a new phone by next week!

It never rains, it POURS!!!!!

This on top of the problem with my DSL service being down 7 weeks!

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