Wednesday, July 12, 2006

IraQ: Interesting Video and Commentary (update 7-12-06)

OK. I admit it. I did NOT vote for Bush. I do not think Our current president was legally elected. I did not think we needed to be in Iraq.

7-12-06 update. Gee the TOP military General in Iraq Just announced that we need more troops in IRAQ, DESPITE what BUSH and the Asshole in charge of the military (Rumsfeld:See Rumsfeld's Rules) elsewhere in my blog!

I have stated (MANY MANY times), and will NOT change my views:
  1. that the US is in IRAQ (for at least 25-30 years)
  2. We should NOT have entered or warred against IRAQ in the first place.
  3. WE are WOEFULLY under-stocked for the number of troops to ADAQUATELY win in IRAQ.
  4. We need about 500,000 US troops in IRAQ to maintain the peace, rebuild the COUNTRY AND ensure that there is no Sectarian War (as is now starting...)
    1. In order to successfully lock the country down, it will need to be as secure or MORE secure than Israel is...
      1. Troops and checkpoints at EVERY corner, of EVERY street in IRAQ.
      2. The ability of our troops to vet EVERY single vehicle on the streets
      3. ENOUGH troops, AND NO MORE of this BS Privitized army ** see my posts on LAROUCHE!!! *** he actually supports UNPRIVITIZING the army....
        1. Make sure EVERYONE gets KP. It's democracy in action. NOT DONALD RUMSFELD and CHEENEY getting RICH !
      4. See a Rifle or GUN? If it ain't attached to an American Soldier, It gets arrested.
  5. We will (DESPITE THE GREAT LIAR/WAR CRIMINAL's Debate lie) be required to HAVE A DRAFT due to the VOLUMES of troops we need for the next 20-25 years.
  6. If you have kids fifteen or younger, expect them to need to be drafted for 2-3 years. With any luck, there will be a non-military option too!

And that's it for now... Here is an interesting video received from someone who was in Iraq.


This came to me as a email, with a very interesting video attached. Names have been changed.
--------text of message follows------------------
I received this someone who was serving in Iraq.

Hi Mom and Dad,

Hope everything is going ok with you and the family. We have been keeping busy at work, and are busy worrying about in Iraq the rest of the time.

John called us the other day after his first really close call. The insurgents set up a decoy IED and expected his patrol to circumvent and avoid it. Instead they sent an Abrams Tank twenty meters up the road, in front of his APC. It only got 5 meters before the real IED blew. It lifted the tank about three feet off the ground, and injured 2 Iraqi Army Soldiers (they are the good guys). The tank was supposed to run interference and deter any aggression towards our guys, while the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Detail) arrived.
After the explosion the insurgents that planted the IED fired at them with AK-47s to pin them down while they got away.

-------->>>> Here is the interesting part <<<<------------- We hear about our guys getting hit all the time on the news. This is what happens to them when our intel guys find them.

This video clip was made using the night vision equipment aboard an AC-130
"Spectre" gunship -- a heavily armed version of the C-130 cargo airplane --
in Iraq, showing real live action against Iraqi insurgents. The video was
taken from the "Spectre" which was about two and a half miles away. It is
fairly graphic and shows combat action so if that bothers you, don't view
the clip ... CLICK HERE for clip

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Onyx said...

Wow! That's amazing. Very surreal. I can't believe the accuracy of those guns!!