Monday, July 03, 2006

DSL DOWN: Story at 7 8 9 10 11

VERIZON sucks.

I miss my days of yelling at comcast cable

I had one of the first cable modems available commercially .

(my group was one ofthe ONLY ones in the research department that WASN't ON cable modems in 1992-1994).

Once it was available, I was one of the first east coast Cable modem customers.

At least when You call Comcast Service, you get TECH support and NO voice recogignition
call router.

DSL still stucks. but it beats dialup

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Onyx said...

Goodness!! You have been a busy blogger!!

I have Cox cable and extremely happy with it. Especially after a week of dialup at Dads. Augh!!!

That's funny about the Dell laptop. Reminds me...I need to take the battery of my laptop at home. Hmmm...