Thursday, June 15, 2006

TecH: Bill Gates to (FINALLY) retire for GOOD

It's OFFICIAL. Bill Gates is going to take his 30-40billion dollars and leave the MICROSOFT sandbox. The Official announcement is that he will be taking on MORE responsibility at his FOUNDATION in 2008.

It was a nice run. My personal opinion is that Bill Gates Wrote ONE program in HIS LIFE. That was Microsoft Basic, in 1976 (or was it 1977?)

Everything else in Microsoft (the DOS, the Windows, the word processing, the spreadsheet, the "Bullet-proof" Operating System, was either STOLEN, or bought from another party.

Ray Ozzie, one of the original developers of VisiCalc, and chief architect of Groove, will take Bill's Place as Chief Software Architect.

Note: I own no Microsoft (nor Apple) stock, but could kill myself for not buying 100 shares of both of them in 1978.

Sigh. I'd be a multi-millionaire today if so...
double sigh..

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