Friday, June 09, 2006

CongresS: Net Neturality R.I.P.?? or reform R.I.P?

SO the House passed the bill last night.

without the net neutrality provision giving the FCC right to enforce that.

So. This bill was just a Give-Away to Lobbyists, and TELCO's.

Telco's such as my former employer the Former Death Star, (and now SBC subsidiary)

No. Not true that competition will keep cable prices down. LOOK what the Telco's did with DSL

DSL was developed in (without googling this) about 1985.

It was PUT into STORAGE by all the RBOC's because the Bell's wanted to use ISDN * (developed in the late 1970's by AT&T)

ISDN (I still Don't Know) was a GREAT idea for the 70's and 80's but by the time the telco's realized that they wanted to COMPETE as ISP's they were busy trying to sell ISDN service for (about) 100 per month PLUS usage for a 2B+D line (about 128KBps)

SO: The Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC's) are GUILTY of trying to FRY the consumer with ISDN instead of ACTIVELY deploying DSL (Digital Service Line) to customers.

This was taling place in the mid-1990's when the RBOC's could have JUMPED over the Cable companies, and Fried THEM by offering ASDL BEFORE the cable companies Introduced Cable modems.

ANOTHER ROUND lost by the RBOC's.

Not to Worry

They have LOBBYISTS. Let the LOBBYISTS get CONGRESS to spend money and make
ALL their losses and stupid misTEAKS over the years go away with a congressional mandate



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