Monday, May 08, 2006

PoliTicS: Hayden as new CIA? Pro/Con

I am torn

And i admit I need more information.

An (Active) GENERAL who is currently in charge of the NSA (National Security Administration), has been proposed to replace the current CIA chief, who resigned friday, Porter Gouss.

General Hayden is currently the DEPUTY director of National Intelligence, under John Negroponte.

Hayden isn't the first (proposed) CIA Chief. Hayden would be the first active-duty military man at the CIA's helm since Admiral Stansfield Turner ran the place for President Jimmy Carter.

Pro Hayden
according to Joe Klein, columnist for Time Magazine(link to Brian leher-- here: link will show later today:
Michael Hayden is a thorn in the side of RumsFeld, and is one of those generals who Don't think Rumsfeld has done a great job.

One PRO possiblity: Hayden agrees and support's John Negroponte's 'plan' for re-organizing the intelligence community. As such, according to Time Magazine's MICHAEL DUFFY it may be a good thing.
He quotes from a previous interview with Hayden,
Where Hayden told TIME in a lengthy interview last month that only a strong central authority would make the intelligence agencies work together. "Let me tell you what we've learned," Hayden said. "There is no way to get a self-aware, self-synchronizing intelligence system without a kick-ass center because no one plays nice with each other voluntarily."
And yet another PRO in Hayden's favor?
Goss's departure means Negroponte's next test will be facing down the Pentagon, which has steadily been gathering clout in intelligence since the war on terrorism began.

Everyone knows that battle will make the tug of war with the CIA look like a warm-up, if only because Rumsfeld's skills as an infighter are unsurpassed.

But Negroponte will at least have an ally in Michael Hayden at the CIA.

Con Hayden
A GENERAL, now in charge of the CIVILIAN intelligence agency?
After all the mistEAKS the MILITaRY (RUMSFELD) has made?
Oy vey. More on the cons WILL be added

CON: Michael Hayden is the man who implemented the ILLEGAL spying in the united states. (The republicans now call this Warrentless Wiretapping. I call it a VIOLATION of the CONSTITUTION of our country.

Impeach Dick Cheney and George Bush

I wanted to post this asap, so will add to it!

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Onyx said...

Hmmm, based on your blog and his kick-ass attitude, I'd say it looks pretty favorable for him. I think the Pros you've listed far outweigh the cons.

Although I am definately against the illegal wiretapping, I can't say I'm surprised. Isn't that what the NSA is ALL about? (Odd Onyx fact: early on in my IT years, I actually wanted to work for them. But hubby refused to let me work for Big Brother)

Good blog entry!!