Thursday, May 11, 2006

HuMoR: 1 in 4 (25% think DaVinci Code is REAL)

With the forthcoming release of this summer's first blockbuster (whatever happened to the movie RV, with Robin Williams?)
Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Time doles out two stars to it and remarks, "There is nothing I much disliked but little to really recommend."

DaVinci Code survey has surprises!

AIM (Annals of Improbable Research) reports that
One in four French believe Da Vinci Code based on fact: survey

Nearly a quarter of French adults believe that the novel The Da Vinci Code is based on facts surrounding the life of Jesus Christ, according to a survey published on Tuesday.

The magazine (Annals of Improbable Research) continues to explain that:
It’s an instance of a more general rule:
In most public opinion surveys, one in four people believe whatever the other three don’t.


Onyx said...

Ugh! I almost don't want to see the DaVinci code because people have made such a big deal out of it and treat it as fact.

Kind of like Bush. (ba-da-boom)

Dr. Nazli said...

The Da Vinci Code will be an entertaining movie which I will avoid the first weekend to avoid a mob.

But fact or fiction, what is positive is that it has created intellectual dialogue from different spectrum. Dialogue is healthy because it leads to a form of truth and understanding - and that is good because the "mainstram press" obvioulsy are neither in pursuit of truth or understanding!