Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FinAncE: ATM's headed for extinction?

silicon.com has an interesting article, on whether ATM machines are on their way out, since "Contactless Ca$H" [my wording, my phrase!](r)(c) Markbnj 2006. (all rights reserved!) is on the ascendancy.
(Contactless Ca$H examples: EZ-Pass in your car, Exxon/Mobil SpeedPass) and the new credit cards you swipe at 7-11.)

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Markbnj said...

Example of New Usage.
My College aged daughter carries an emergency $5.00 bill.
Otherwise, she just uses her debit card, no matter how small the transaction, even for a soda for 99cents.

Me? I still feel funny charging/debiting stuff under $5.00