Friday, March 31, 2006

TecH: Free Movies & Broadband

Very interesting tactic to attract customers...
The ISP is sponsoring this...

...the service allows any user in Hong Kong, to legally download five movies for free. Here is the catch - there is an 18-minute download time out, which means if you are using DSL services sold by HKBN’s rivals, you are not going to get too far. On the other hand, if you have HKBN’s Metro Ethernet bb100 (symmetric 100 Mbps) service, then you can download a 4GB DVD format movie in less than 7 minutes

Source here: GigaOM : » Of Free Movies & Broadband

note that the point of this is the ISP offers a large movie, that times out after 18 mins. if you have THEIR service, you can download fast enough, otherwise you CANT!

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