Thursday, March 16, 2006

TecH: Big Brother Is Listening

Your Fellow passenger as a listening post

Snooping on a fool--> Where the Blogger actually snoops on another's Call... was heading home, feeling pleased with the day but a bit jaded, looking for some peace and quiet. But not tonight it seems!...
About four seats away is a man (on this occasion pronounced 'fool') with a BlackBerry mobile device and a very loud voice. He was getting ready to sell a customer something and was assigning each of his unseen team with specific tasks and roles, to discuss on an upcoming conference call.

This is very interesting ...(but...)I'm tired, and frankly this is getting to be really annoying. Eventually, he starts to close down the conversation. Relief might be here at last!
Oh no, he goes on to announce the conference number and the pass code - and say he will see them all on the conference call in a minute.

Well, I tried to resist the temptation but I have to confess, I snapped!
I dialled the conference number, was asked for the conference pass code, and entered it in. When asked for my name I made a grunting noise. Someone said: "Who is that?" I kept quiet.

Someone else logged on, and I was now a silent listener. At this point I looked around the carriage and there seemed to be an abnormal number of mobile phones in use, and everyone seemed to be listening and not saying anything. Strange but then again, perhaps not...

Big Brother Is Listening Guess What? We now live in a society that allows Big Brother (AKA) "POTUS" to spy on American Citizens, and NOT even have congress Censure him. We no longer have the ability to deny it. We no longer live in a democracy.

Don't Believe ME?
What did "W" do? Bug American CITIZENS, despite a law to the contrary.
WHY? he alleges National Security.
I allege Big brother is herer


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