Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MidEasT: Interesting Interview

Ohh. Remember me? I thought we need to go back to the two state solution proposed in 1948. One state was Israel, and One state was PALESTINE. (land was annexed by JORDAN in 1948...Just like ISRAEL annexed Jerusalem in 1967...)

Remeber the wars in Israel.
1948 All arab countries attack Israel.
1956 French pull out of Suez Canal, Israel take over (and then gives back) the ENTIRE
SINAI desert
1967 Israel launches pre-emptive strike against Egypt, other countries preparing to
attack Israel. Capture Sinai desert again.
1972 Yom Kippur war. Attacked on Holiest day of year.

198X.. Nucklear(as "W" would say it...)
The head of The Israeli Sub fleet says, that:
hitting strategic targets is not always a task the Air Force or the infantry can carry out{...but...}a submarine can perform {This} mission...{snip}

{There are} dozens of security operations, {snip}{have}been made possible {because of} the IDF's sub fleet. ...snip...These missions will remain in the shadow for years to come, {for security reasons!}

[note: emphasis/editing by mark (me)

Perhaps we need to tell this to the president of Iran. Too late!

Israeli Sub fleet chief: says we're ready...

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Markbnj said...

Gee. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
4-20-06. Had to search my own archives for this one.
Note the following items that were not in the interview, but were HIGHLY implied.

1) Israel's Nuke-u-lear capability is NOT limited to land.
2) Israel's Submarine fleet ISN't just near the land itself. (so much for a pearl harbor type attack)
3) These subs can do STRATEGIC missions

hinted at: LIKE launch and start a Global ThermoNucl-uear WAR!
3a) or LEVEL every Single oil capital and field in the mid-east.

So. Do we REALLY want IRAN to have their own bomb, to attempt to destroy israel only to have the ENTIRE mid-EAST (aka WW III) glowing? I think not.

However. DO I think I want our "W" Bush planning and implementing a *ar *ith IRAQ with the (oh, so talented) Donald Rumsfeld in charge for this one TOO???

And by the way. I firmly stand by my prediction (at top of blog) that "W" *ill reinstate the DRAFT.