Thursday, March 30, 2006

JeWisH: JewFORaDay

Oh Cripes. No Make that CRIMINAL.

I can't believe this.

[Fast explanation: A Schooldecides to show 8th graders what it was like to be jewish under the Nazi's. Perhaps a little more prep work was needed, as the reactions were terrible.]

Took all kids with last names L-Z and made them wear a gold 6point (Jewish) Star.

They SHOULD have collected the kids out of the classroom at that point.

Speaking as someone who watched over 20-25 different holocaust films IN the 1970's, and having had a very extensive holocaust and ZIONIST educational experience when I was coming of age, I can tell you several things.

1) FIRST mistake. The teacher had a GREAT idea. It should have been shared with the parents, as a future item in a newsletter, something like...
Dear Parents:
Next month we will be doing a very innovative project for holocaust memorial day. We are giving you a heads up now, so you are informed. We will be providing a detailed explanation of the program for you to review after we've showed the kids.

2) An intro to the unit, would have been good, showing; say the Warsaw Ghetto, and show how everyone there was forced to wear a Jewish Star. Perhaps a week in advance.

3) The affected "Jews" should have been collected, from the classes, and forcibly segrated again! (and 1/2 of the kids should have been told it was only for the day, so they could pass it around)

4)It seems that the teacher/staff did not do a critical need of brainstorming
the possible ways the scenario could have gone. Otherwise, the kids would have even had a special bread and water line....This could have been accomplished by having the food staff hand everyone with a star, a paper bag containing a slice of bread and some water.

This Idea of divide and show is the greatest one I have ever heard of for teaching holocaust education.
It just needs someone who's experienced enough in understanding the little things, and making sure that the parents were not too alarmed.


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