Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ConstiTution: Foreign Ownership/Administration of US Ports

OK. Time for my two Cents, since I missed almost a week of Blogging time (is that a year in Real time?!! It seems like it!!!)

Dubai Ports World and the US.

It shouldn't be a question of Mid-East ownership of US ports.

It SHOULD be a case of WHO owns the company. In this case, the RULER of Dubai?!!!

Foreign Ownership cannot be avoided anymore. The Cat is already out of the bag.
However, we need to STUFF the Cat BACK into the Bag, so that OWNERSHIP ***AND MANAGEMENT *** of OUR ports becomes an American Business.

It will not be easy, as we already (in the 1970's and 1980's) SOLD all our port management overseas, as we didnt want the hassles of RUNNING them.

OR we need a provision that EVERY Port is SUBJECT to IMMEDIATE military take-over, or nationalization (oh Gee, am I really saying this, given George W's current desire to amass MORE presidential power?) in case of national emergency.

Sigh. The more we learn, the more we wish we had paid attention back when we could have avoided the stupid consequences we are forced to live with.

By the way, the 45 day delay of takeover of the British Company is a total farce.
They did NOT DELAY acquisition of the company, just in delaying implementing the new structure in the United States for 45 days.

Therefore, in the middle of APRIL you can expect the BUSH administration to say, oh. We cannot stop the acquisition of the ports deal, or undo it, it was finalized in MARCH, and therefore they HAVE to have access to their property.

Heads You lose, Tails I win.Sayeth Bush


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