Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MidEast: More Hamas denials

Marc says Hamas is welcome

Well. I agree. They are welcome to their opinion. They have every right to deny the existence of Israel. It's a "Family Legacy", handed down by their fathers and Grandfathers.

Factoid Fact
Did you know:
In 1948, the UN proposed a TWO state solution to ARAB / Jewish problem? All the Arab countries denied and rejected this. And Jordan went as far as to STEAL all the land so offered to the Arab state.

AND By the way, the land for the "ARAB/palestinian" state was ANNEXED and TAKEN over by JORDAN, so in essence all the Darn palestinians who WANT to support hamas should just GO BACK to JORDAN and take over the Darn COUNTRY! That would be the CLOSEST thing to the 1948 borders. NOT the 1967 borders.

Excuse my anger. We're just fighting 50 year old biases, and fifty year old battles. The EXACT same cartoons that the IRANIAN newspaper claims they will print were run in the 1950's in Arab newspapers TOO!

At least the Israelis have PULLED out of 80% of the west bank, and 100% of the Gaza Strip.
Factoid Fact
DID you know that Israel tried to give back the Gaza Strip in the 1980 peace agreement with EGYPT/Jimmy Carter?? EGYPT said, NO WAY!! we dont want them either!

Factoid Fact
Did you know that the residents of Jerusalem in 1948 were told by their Mufti, to leave the area for a few days so we can kill all the jews for good and be rid of them? Thus began the palestinian REFUGEE problem.

Factoid Fact
Did you know between 1948 and 1966 ALL the REFUGEE camps were underfunded, by both the UN and the host countries (egypt, jordan and lebanon?) DID you know that the slums existed in THOSE days too?

And no, there IS no way that East Jerusalem will EVER be the capital of a palestinian state.

So. Hamas has every right to deny Israel and its existance. And Israel has every right to make sure all the money owed in Duties, and other aid due the "palestinian authority" is held until there is a statement that none of this money will fund HOMICIDE bombers.

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