Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MidEast: ENOUGH on the Danish Cartoons Already!

OK. I RESISTED commenting on the backlash from the Danish Anti Terror Cartoons but this is too much. I think we need to start a US CYBER terror group, that can RESPOND to stuff like this. Want to see more? go to F-Secure's Blog
It just makes me sick that these folks can't understand our cultures are different, and we respect freedom of the press as much as they respect a culture to KILL the people that blasphem Any prophet.

Iranian Paper Announces "holocaust" cartoon contest

OK. So they think they can bother us with that? I need to dig up my copy of ISLAMIC ANTI-SEMITIC cartoons from the 1950's. And I Thought that I should throw out that 40 year old book, because it wasn't valid anymore!

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